JM Spider™ Custom Insulation System

Johns Manville Spider™ Custom Insulation comes in variable thickness levels that can fill 2×4 cavities up to R-15 thermal rating, 2×6 cavities up to R-23, and six-inch steel stud cavities up to R-25. JM Spider® insulation also reduces sound transmission, achieving a Sound Transmission Class of 43 in a standard 2×4 wood-framed wall. JM Spider™ insulation resists mold because it sprays in almost dry (less moisture content than wood framing) and is treated by a U.S. EPA-registered mold inhibitor to protect the insulation against mold.

JM Spider™ insulation can be used for both wall and ceiling applications. In addition, only the fiberglass insulation made without formaldehyde, such as JM Spider™ Custom Insulation, can pass Environmental Specification 1350, the toughest indoor air quality test in North America with a non-detect for formaldehyde.

JM Spider™ spray-in fiberglass and spray polyurethane foam from one of the most innovative and adaptable hybrid insulation systems available. Since both products are spray based, they allow for installation in oddly shaped cavities and hard-to-reach areas, sealing gaps, and voids for superior air isolation. This hybrid insulation system is a cost-effective solution, providing the advanced performance of two premium insulation products.

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